Kimono Experience 2014│東京 着物レンタル




Kimono Experience  - Summer Campaign in 2014 –


Would you like to try wearing a kimono and take a stroll down the high-fashion streets of Ginza?
We provide the best quality Yukata and Komon for you to enjoy the summer kimono experience.


▶ Period

Every Thursday and Sunday, from July 1st to September 30th, 2014


Special Price

Kimono (Komon or Yukata) rental + hair arrangement + Kimono dressing
= 10,800 yen. (Tax not included)


Time Needed For Dressing
We can have you ready for your stroll down Ginza’s streets under one hour. (45 ~ 60 min)


▶ Available Dates
Every Thursday & Sunday until September 30th, 2014


Return time
By 9pm of rental date.


Your Options
For an extra 5,000 yen, you can be fashionably attired in a high-class, formal kimono (“Homongi”).
Photo session for an extra 5,000 yen (5 poses, CD included)


This campaign is available by reservation only. To make your reservation, please fill in and submit the form below with your preferred date and time. We will contact you once we have confirmed our readiness to make your Kimono dreams come true. availability of our staffs and number of guests for that day.

Make your reservation here.



Please take note


Items included with the rentalyukata02

  • Kimono rental (Yukata or Komon)

For Yukata plan: Yukata, Underlayer, Decorative belts, Geta footwear
For Komon plan: Kimono, Underlayer, Decorative belt, Zouri footwear

  • Hair setting (hair accessory such as Kanzashi is not included)
  • Kimono dressing



A refundable deposit of 5,000 yen is required in additional to the rental fee.
Full refund when the kimono is returned in the same condition you received it in.


Rules of Rental

The guest is required to sign a Rental Agreement.


Identity Verification

Please bring along passport as ID. We will take a photocopy of it for verification purpose.



Due to the limitations of the Kimono, we may not be able to provide the service in the following cases:

Female: Height above 175cm: Hip above 100cm; Footwear size above 27cm.

Male: Height above 180cm; Hip above 110cm; Footwear size above 28cm.

We do not provide Yukata for children.

The reservation will be canceled if the guest has not shown up 30 mins after the reserved time.


 Make your reservation here.




Yukata: a light, informal, single layer kimono, perfect for enjoying summer festivals and watching fireworks.


Komon: double layer (slip included) tea ceremony kimono, perfect for graceful shopping, KABUKI theater, tea ceremony.


Homongi: multi-layer, formal, the right way to appear at those special events (like wedding parties and formal dinners).




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